Color & Light


My husband and I recently spent a week-end hiking in the Smokey Mountains.  Needless to say, I took oodles of pictures during the day and spent warm nights snuggled up next to a snapping fire editing dozens of photos on my i-phone. I cropped, and zoomed, adding color and light to bring the images of these gorgeous mountains to life; I wanted to vividly remember this special time and share our experience with family and with friends.


It struck me, as I happily tapped that little magic wand symbol (instantly improving every shot) that I don’t always seek to accentuate or draw out the positives in my day the way I do with my pictures- in fact I sometimes (oftentimes?) do the opposite! I can blow things up to look worse than they are, magnify flaws, zero in on ugliness and darkness, obsess over the trivial and over-expose myself to negativity. And while I’d never purposely take photograph after photograph directly facing the blinding sun, I’ll admit I have at times allowed the unrelenting, pulsating beams of social media and cable TV to white out the vibrancy of life’s present, precious and fleeting moments– 😕 –UGH!!fullsizeoutput_17a9

It is my hope that this blog inspires you (and reminds me!) to interpret, edit, and elevate our days in heart-expanding, calming ways that highlight goodness, forgiveness, laughter, learning, shared understanding, positivity, grace and enhance life’s moments and experiences in the same way we seek to enhance the hundreds of photos we take documenting that very same life. And while every day clearly can’t be a mountain-top experience, there’s no reason not to add value to our daily realities by applying just a touch of color and light.

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