A successful country needs believers.

(Originally posted Feb 9, 2018) I believe that the little green papers tucked inside my wallet have value and can be exchanged for goods and services.. but if enough other people aren’t believers- we’ll have a problem. I believe that when a cop turns on his lights, he has the right to pull me over….

We’ve come a long way Barbie..

I was reminded this morning that no matter how dire these times may seem, it is important not to lose sight of how far we have come as a country. After all, we are the same people who created these, remember?

History lessons..

I toured the Atlanta History Center last week and my gosh..it was a wonderful experience! I was able to explore the incredible interior of a beautifully preserved southern mansion, amble through its stunning gardens, walk around an old farm house, restored slave quarters, a victorian kid’s playhouse and visit two terrific exhibitions: one about Atlanta’s…