Gratitude in Pieces

Music- a warm bed- Hot coffee.. .. All pieces.. part of a puzzle that if collected.. and fit together create the life-changing masterpiece that is.. A grateful life.   Happy Thanksgiving!    

A Thanksgiving Story

This past week-end we took an Uber to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  Maxwell, our driver, was an African immigrant from a small village in Nigeria who had been in the United States just a few years. His Honda was immaculate both inside and out and he described with pride how he worked hard to…


Feel free to fill in the blank.. 💜

Hey Thanksgiving- I’ve got your back.

The red line is proving to be insufficient so I’ve moved on to stacking sandbags. I’m willing to try anything to hold back the rapidly rising tide of Christmas that threatens to wash Thanksgiving down the river once and for all. This wonderful day of food, faith, family, friendship, forefathers and football has become nothing…


Just downloaded Pritesh Sankhe’s, free Gratitude-Happiness Journal App, and it’s good.  It’s a simple way to remind yourself to jot down something you are grateful for every day.

Forget Something?

$10,000 a month! That’s how much a single vending machine stationed at the San Francisco International Airport brings in selling ultra light JACKETS (at $69.90 a pop)  to travelers who find themselves arriving or departing without the proper attire. According to the WSJ, while sales at regular airport stores are down to an average of…