Don’t worry, be nappy..

What would it actually look like if we didn’t have a care in the world? I’m guessing we’d look more like my dog in who’s case the primary manifestation of lack of worldly worries is clearly the ability to nap anytime – anyplace. Here’s to a week-end of sweet dreams!


This week saw the launch of phase 12 (?) of my never-ending, multi-closet organizational project. Like bunnies popping from a magician’s hat, the stuff (junk) I find seems to keep’s the oddest thing!! During this most recent sweep I did however stumble upon some interesting stuff including a long lost recipe for the best…

Wanna come out and play?

We just got back from three days off the ‘hamster wheel’ and I’m here to tell ya, it was INCREDIBLE. The prep for our mini-FL-KEYS-vaca required more work than usual, but I felt better being super cautious about our potential exposure to Covid which, let’s face it, can be minimized but is never really zero…..

New Routine..

Seems pup & pop have both adjusted quite well to addition of afternoon naps.

Dip and a deck

 I just got back from a week-end “get-away”, and I have to tell you..two days at a charming B & B is every bit as restorative as a seven day cruise. My favorite little retreat is a beautiful inn on Tybee Island in Georgia named the Beachview. It is run by the most down to…