What did YOU do this summer?

Oh, you went to Italy? How fun!! We tore our house apart..👍🙄 I took a tourist style, leisurely walking tour around our home this morning to capture the sights that are so unique to home remodeling. Anyone who has been through this process will no doubt get a shiver of recognition (aka a flashback..) surge…

12 – to – 12

If you had told me my kitchen would look like this one month into the renovation, I would have told you I thought you were being a pessimist. I’ve learned a lot about a lot since then.

🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like a kitchen..🎶

Well, it’s day nine of our renovation. A kitchen is starting to take shape which is reassuring..👍There’s something a bit unnerving about having a big pile of dirt and a hole in the ground.. INSIDE your home. So yeah, I appreciate this next phase. It’s also nice to have folks show up every day. I…

Going, going, almost gone..

Team of amazing guys arrived yesterday morning with some serious equipment to jack up our floors. I don’t know what I was expecting when I returned home, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The guy in charge has a terrific, can-do attitude. His personality reminded me of this:

Changing your footprint

There are two types of kitchen renovations: #1 Same “footprint.” #2 New “footprint.” New footprint means that you are moving stuff (important stuff) like the sink, the oven and the island. New footprint means there will be jack hammers digging trenches for plumbing and your ceiling will need lights and AC vents moved. New footprint…