Love in a magic jar.

Hands down, one of my favorite gifts of all time was a mercury jar from my kids. All of them were home for the holidays including my son’s wife. I guess they sat around one night thinking of loving things to say about me, printed them out and cut them into strips that were put…

Because and in spite of..

I’ve been thinking about our four (adult) kids… and my heart is humbled as I consider their work ethic, their compassion, their determination and their constant commitment to self improvement on every level. They are (at least in part) who they are because  and in spite of their life experiences. It’s that magic combination that…

Our Kids- Our Pride

It happens every time  I wave goodbye to one of our kids, turn away and invariably stumble into a sea of melancholy. It’s deep but the memories are warm and as I float around with eyes closed, I’m immersed in a time when all four of our cubs were with us.. Week-end bar-b-ques, working on school…

Because sometimes..

you just need to start your day with an “awwww…💜” . . .photocredit:Pinterest

Cremation, electrocution and other stuff..

Kids are so literal. Years ago, when a beloved family member died, my son overheard me saying she would be cremated. A few hours later in the car he coyly brought up the subject asking “how big are the beaters?” “How big are the beaters for what honey?” I responded, glancing in the rear-view mirror….