When your special day is their day too..

Savannah is for lovers…and weddings. The city is famous for its many picturesque squares and on a recent visit, it seemed as if there was a wedding happening at each and every one. I wondered if any of the brides ever bumped into each other as they meandered around getting iconic shots to commemorate their…

Reflections on the Past Week

I had never paid attention to mailboxes until I got my license, but once I was  able to drive, those dumb things were all I could focus on!  The streets where we lived were so narrow that I was convinced I’d hit a box every time I got behind the wheel.  I became obsessed with…

“Dude-you missed the whale!” Distractions, distractions, distractions..

What percent of your day is consumed by valueless distractions? hundreds of moments sucked into bottomless pits of meaningless mental meanderings.. cerebral, sensory potholes that wall us off slow forward progress devalue relationships and rob us of extraordinary experiences.       photocredit:Gaiam,ZME Science,Pro Auto Care,Futurist Gerd Leonhard,Odyssey,Shutterstock  


If you are the author of an adventurous travel blog and by chance just uploaded photos of your latest trip to Antarctica, don’t read on..  you will not be able to relate to someone like me. This is not me below. I am happy when I remember to take my vitamins, drink 64 oz of…

Fighting for Fallujahs

When Iraq’s Prime Minister triumphantly announced the recent recapture of Fallujah, he told (commanded?) his countrymen to celebrate. As I stared at the photo of crumbled buildings and empty streets  I had to wonder, “Why on earth were people still fighting for Fallujah?” Fallujah is a small city located about 50 miles west of Baghdad….