Barbecued Cauliflower – So Easy, So healthy & SO GOOOD!!

After all that talk about cake and yummy internet food yesterday we had a surprisingly satisfying and healthy vegetarian dinner. Hands down, the star of the show was the barbecued cauliflower. It doesn’t get simpler than this: Rinse and slice cauliflower into large pieces. Drizzle with avocado oil, season with salt, pepper and garlic powder….

There’s promise in Compromise…(can you see it?)

Compromise is the kiss of death in politics; it has been for years.  That’s actually a crying shame because an unwillingness to compromise leads to extremism,  paralysis and gridlock.  Sadly, default dissent has been romanticized, rewarded and reframed as heroic resistance stoked by media empires hungry for endless, ideological warfare. There is after all, profit…