It arrived with a thud on my doorstep yesterday; my 2021 planner. Technically speaking, I could have continued to use last year’s planner.. it’s undated and of course the bulk of it is blank..but (for reasons that are surely obvious and shared by many) I want 2021 to be completely uncoupled from 2020… fresh start,…

“Christmas Day will always be..

..just as long as we have we.” -The Grinch Let the faith and fortitude of those who came before us continue to strengthen our resolve!

Life Privilege

My daughter texted me video of her first ‘real walk’ using crutches last night. She had major orthopedic surgery in early November and after 6 weeks using a walker, was given the green light yesterday to put weight on her leg. I’ve hidden her face to preserve her privacy, but you’d better believe there’s a…

Why we need Christmas.

Last night I had the strangest (most realistic) dream- ever! The message I got from it was so strong, so clear that I feel absolutely compelled to share it this morning. Without going into every detail, because I can’t really remember them all, the basic “story line” went like this: I was standing in a…


Clouds may temporarily hide the sun, but they can’t extinguish it.