Just in time for summer..

Our local TV station published a story on its website yesterday about another recent study examining the dangerous, potentially cancer causing, chemicals found in most suntan lotions.

I live in Florida..so Ugh.

Go ahead and click HERE if you want to read the article, but I can save you the time. I’m betting your sunscreen is on their long list of products to toss in the trash. (Mine sure were)

But fear not, there’s good news!

My friend recommended a free, super user friendly, i-phone app that allows you to type in the name of products you use and it will automatically let you know if they’re healthy for you and your family.

Click HERE to be directed to EWG, (Environmental Working Group’s) highly informative website which includes an easy to understand GUIDE FOR SUNSCREENS. Right now, if you make a $40 donation to this organization, they will send you a sampler mini-set of suntan lotions to try.

Their phone app is found by searching for EWG.

Tomorrow I am heading out to buy all new sunscreens for my husband and me. Thanks to EWG’s rating system, I know just what brands I’m looking for:

All Good and Badger.

You’d better believe it’s going to cost quite a bit more than the stuff we’ve previously been using, but at the end of the day what good is sun protection if it can ultimately make you sick?

Slather up safely my friends and enjoy your (hopefully sunny) week-end. My stack-o-reading includes what is being described as “the definitive article” on the origins of Covid by former NYT science staff writer, Nicholas Wade.

I have a feeling I know where the breadcrumbs lead..so think I’ll wait until after 5 o’clock.. 😩🍷


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  1. beth says:

    So good to know

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    1. Cindy says:

      Yeah..but first I have to get over the “hump” of tossing all these horrible products I bought into the trash..secretly of course.. or my husband will freak..HAHA

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      1. beth says:

        True )

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  2. LA says:

    Can you abstract the article for me…leaving out anything that’s going to irk me?

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    1. Cindy says:

      Which one? I’m going to throw out about $40 worth of lotion over the next few days so that’s pretty “irky.” Haven’t read the Covid one yet..I’m going to assume it points to the lab as the source of Covid outbreak. Heard one guy say that smoking guns are everywhere and scientists involved already know what the deal is.. it’s like me and you trying to tell the difference between a plastic, man-made orchid and a real one..not hard..pretty obvious. He also said when things come from animals (like avian flu) you find the animals immediately..not hard. So far, and it’s been over a year, the mystery bat with covid 18 has not been found. UGH..I’ll share if there are any real hair-raising details.

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      1. Cindy says:

        Did I just type covid 18? Why yes, yes I did… 🥴


      2. LA says:

        Please…it’s the COVID article that will freak me out. No surprise putting chemicals on your body might be bad….

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      3. Cindy says:

        I think I may be over the freak out period..now I’ve moved into the pissed off phase.. I read that the wizards of OZ behind the curtain at Facebook are now ‘allowing’ people to post articles questioning if covid leaked from a lab. How nice of them. (Maybe they’d be more comfy with their headquarters in China..that’s how they manage the internet too.)

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      4. LA says:

        Facebook irks me….censorship….

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      5. Cindy says:

        Not on FB..not a huge sacrifice for me. Boycotting Amazon? Now THAT has been very tough.. but it’s almost 100% do-able.

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      6. LA says:

        I’m going to buy less from Amazon. But I can’t cut the cord yet….

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      7. Cindy says:

        It’s not easy..because Amazon’s so easy.

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      8. LA says:

        I got 40 pounds of cat litter delivered…who wants to walk home with that?

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      9. Cindy says:

        Hey- I hear ya. My one daughter lives on the tenth floor with one cat- litter gets delivered. My other daughter lives on the third floor with two cats- ditto. I wonder if Walmart delivers? I have found almost everything I need on Walmart.com..FAST delivery.. in fact one morning I ordered a raft for the pool and some guy drove up “door dash style” and delivered it that afternoon! Whaa???

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      10. Cindy says:

        Read the article on Covid origin (ok, tried real hard to read it) Very technical..if you’re a bio-engineer, no problem. Bottom line is it’s becoming harder and harder to believe this wasn’t from a lab- esp the more evidence pops up. Timeline and location for outbreak, prior illnesses amongst staff, inability to discover the animal population that supposedly has it (usually takes at most a few months) and known issues with “sloppiness” at lab also points to it. He takes some of the first scientists (and scientific journals like the Lancet) to the woodshed for coming out so early and saying it wasn’t from the lab..He said there was no way they could know that..and then the WHO concludes the same thing after the equivalent of examining your customized emoji and pronouncing you have no cavities. Once these conclusions were drawn early on, no scientist was willing to jeopardize their job or their grants to deviate from the “party line.”

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