Domino Re-Decorating

“So if we did get one, where would we put it?” I asked my husband as we considered the wisdom of finally buying a Peleton. We had been toying with the idea ever since being introduced to these awesome exercise bikes at our kids’ homes.

Re-purposing a sunny corner of the kitchen was my first choice..

..followed quickly by a less sunny, but more private location in the corner of our bedroom. We ordered our bike and began moving furniture around.

The corner of our bedroom has for years been the parking spot for a hooded chair that we dragged into our daughter’s old bedroom in order to accommodate the impending addition.

The tiny desk that was in the corner of HER bedroom then had to be relocated to my husband’s den..

.. where a different small table he had been using then had to be carried into the garage and listed for sale. (It’s still there btw.)

Everything was “set” for about two hours.. but then I felt that the hooded chair looked “off” in my daughter’s room so I decided to wallpaper the corner it sat in with a self-stick palm tree mural. (That hair raising effort is a story unto itself..🤯)

Her room looked so cute by the time we were done in there that her sister’s old bedroom next door then looked boring (and messy) in comparison..

So I began moving things around in there which ultimately led to more furniture (shelves, desk, chair) being dragged into the garage and listed online for sale..

(That stuff sold right away.)

And suddenly THAT bedroom started to look like the best place to put the new exercise bike..

which is finally being delivered this morning!

Good thing, because at this rate any delay could result in the remodeling of our entire home or us simply moving out!

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