The Covid Shuffle

Pop the champagne! The J&J vaccine is here!

It’s time to shut up, line up, roll up your sleeve and gratefully accept whatever is offered to you.

“So these vaccines, the three of them, are exactly the same and nobody should turn away from any of them, you should take it.” (Dr. Ali Mokdad, University of Washington Medicine’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.)

But wait a minute, are they really “exactly the same?”

Moderna and Pfizer are 94 and 95% effective against getting Covid vs…


Initially J&J was 66% effective against getting Covid..although this morning the numbers seem to have improved to 72%. (Maybe the wine.. gets better with age.)

Johnson & Johnson said its COVID-19 vaccine is 85 percent effective in protecting against severe illness and 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalization or death from coronavirus.

So yeah, there seems to be a bit of ‘elasticity’ in the goals and figures here, but one thing is clear..we are to “take whatever we are offered”

..the experts all agree on that!

A few months ago these same experts were touting this brand new, super exciting, game changing, mRNA advanced technology. This morning I read an article that listed the advantages of the J&J vaccine.. one of them being “it uses established technology.” (UW Professor of Medicine and Head of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Division, Anna Wald)

“Established technology…” that’s the same as the “old technology”..right?

As has been the case so many times over the past months, I just can’t shake the feeling that facts are being massaged for the sole purpose of manipulating people’s behavior.

Just give me the data for heaven’s sake..

on paper..

and then stop talking.

We’re smart enough to understand that the J&J vaccine is probably not as effective as the Moderna or the Pfizer in preventing Covid completely ..BUT.. we are also smart enough to understand that getting the J&J vaccine in an environment where so many others are also getting vaccinated can only be a good thing..right?

Could getting the possibly inferior J&J in this setting of mass vaccinations be enough?

Potentially, hopefully so..

So just stop the sales makes people suspicious.

Yesterday at Home Depot I was looking at a large display of orchids. A woman came over to look as well and within minutes we were a bit too close. We jockeyed our carts to move around each other and I made a joke that we were doing the Covid shuffle. We laughed and then both admitted how mentally fatiguing this whole thing has been.

It’s true..

Covid is bad enough, but the “shuffle” around it has been exhausting, confusing and so endlessly irritating.

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  1. LA says:

    Take what they offer so we can try to live again

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    1. Cindy says:

      I guess…right? Although I have my preference, and it’s not J&J. I know a few people who had “mild” covid and still had some longer term health even a milder case is something I wish I could avoid.

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      1. LA says:

        Eventually we should reach herd immunity, so 75% should be good enough

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      2. Cindy says:

        Well this is the thing..even with no vaccine yet, my husband and I are less likely with each passing week to get Covid because others are getting Moderna and I’m assuming if we get J&J it could boost our odds just enough (with others still getting almost full protection from the other two vaccines) to make it even less likely we get it..I’m open to that thinking, I really am…I just LOATHE it when facts are manipulated. That doc who came out and said these 3 vaccines are “exactly the same” –shame on him..that is FLAT out not true in any way-how they are made OR how they work..and we can handle the truth, we’re not infants..just be honest with the facts– SHEESH.

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      3. LA says:

        Facts? Isn’t that like right answers?

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  2. bleuwater says:

    I can’t wait until I am on the list to be vaccinated. I’ll take whatever. In addition to the Covid shuffle, I’ve been working smiling with my eyes when I go grocery shopping.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I can’t wait either..but I will..I think for a while.

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    2. Cindy says:

      I’m an eye smiler too..and I have the crows feet to prove it!!! 🥴😂

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  3. Ann Coleman says:

    I know! I wish they’d just give accurate facts and figures and then shut up. Two weeks ago, I saw on the news that the US had successfully vaccinated (both doses) 8% of its population. Yesterday, I saw on the news that the US has successfully vaccinated (both doses) 7.2% of its population. So, even after ten days of vaccinating more people, we’ve moved backwards? No wonder people are skeptical.

    As for me, I’d take any vaccine I can get. But in my state, I’m in “Phase 3” which means dead last for eligibility. Part of me doesn’t mind, but part of me does. Especially since I hear endless stories of others who have “worked the system” do get their shots before they’re eligible. Once again, those who play by the rules are penalized.

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    1. Cindy says:

      If I understand it correctly, in some states being overweight or smoking is a pre-existing condition that gets you the vaccine.. Gee whiz, pass me the Twinkies and a pack of cigarettes! Honestly, I’m just “over it” all.. nothing makes sense, no one can be honest..I’m just tired.. (and cranky, haha)

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  4. Ann Coleman says:

    I understand! I’m right there with you!

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