Ring up a memory..

I finally realized the other day that the ringer on my i-phone wasn’t working. People would call, nothing would happen. I wish I could tell you this is my only complaint with the phone; it’s not– but no ringer is a BIG deal.

I set out to fix the issue which included choosing a good ring tone. One by one I “sampled” the sounds..and one by one they brought back memories that gave me chills. One reminded me of the constant interruptions from my husband’s employer years ago, one reminded me of the homesick calls my kid would place from college, one reminded me of the time we moved and I was feeling sad.

I never really gave it a ton of thought, but c’mon Apple.. these phones have been around for a long time..I can’t be the only one who has associated ring tones with events we’d rather forget. For every person whose ever been divorced, fired, sick or (oh, I dunno) lived through a world-wide pandemic..can we refresh the selection of ring tones??

One by one I rejected the options until I finally settled on some harp tune. Its angelic sound isn’t demanding.. (ANSWER ME NOW!!! -SOMEONE COULD BE HAVING AN EMERGENCY!!)

No, it’s more gently suggestive (If you’d like to talk, there is someone calling..but no worries if you don’t feel like it..I’m sure it’s nothing important)

This is a zero stress inducing ring tone that doesn’t remind me of anything..

I’ll probably never hear it ringing in my purse either. 🙄

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  1. LA says:

    My husband gets annoyed by the sound of my phone noises…he asks me to shut off sounds. I get annoyed by the sound of my husband- trying to figure out how to shut him off…

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    1. Cindy says:

      Now THAT is a problem!!..Again LA, I feel like I heard this before on an episode of Forensic Files..the wife not liking the “sound” of her husband… 😂

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      1. Cindy says:

        Snow storms, pandemic, Cuomo.. it’s been rough, tempers are short.. 😉😂

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      2. LA says:

        You said a mouthful. He’s skiing this weekend. Ask me how happy I am to be sitting in my living room, music on, my dog at me feet and no one talking in the background

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      3. Cindy says:

        Oh…I SO HEAR YOU.. My husband has NEVER played more tennis and I’ve NEVER been this happy about it..not even kidding..and I love the guy, it’s not that..but wow- is it SWEEEET being alone sometimes.

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      4. LA says:

        That’s just it. I like my alone time. I really like it. I’m considering becoming a monk

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