The best intentions..

Like so many things in life, it started out as a simple idea. I thought I wanted a bird feeder. I have a hammock in my yard and had visions of myself swaying in the breeze.. binoculars in one hand, ice tea in the other..studying unusual species. I did some research and purchased a $40, Cadillac-model, premium, super dee dooper, “squirrel-proof” feeder. Next, I needed bird seed.

And suddenly things got complicated.

I thought seed was just seed, but no.. there’s sunflower, specialty mixes, corn, berries, fillers and hulled…and yo, it’s not cheap! I called my nature-loving neighbor for advice and oh, wow.. there was soo much I didn’t know about keeping a bird feeder in Florida..most of it having NOTHING to do with birds.

When she got to the part about families of rats, the raccoon that tore a hole in her screen trying to get to her bag of seed, some animal that kept dragging her entire feeder into the bog AND the fact that she now brings her feeder into the house every night… well, I had heard enough. I sent my brand spankin’ new feeder straight back to Amazon the very next day.

Bird feeding nightmare!

We have a neighbor down the street who feeds the ducks and they have basically turned her (and her neighbor’s) back yards into mud. Every morning when we walk by the pond, there are at least 25 ducks congregating on those properties. Yesterday we received a letter from the homeowner’s association reminding residents not the feed the alligators (duh!) or the aggressive, non-native Muscovy ducks.

Yup- these are Muscovy ducks..I mean seriously, more material for tonight’s nightmare. 😨

Whoever thought feeding birds was so fraught with potential problems? Not me that’s for sure! So I’m back to assuming my regular relationship with Florida wildlife.. We are guests in their habitat.. we are to look from afar, don’t touch, and for heaven’s sake..(surely you’ve seen the movie) don’t feed the animals!!!

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  1. LA says:

    This is one of those moments I’m glad I live in an apartment

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    1. Cindy says:

      You are welcome!! 😉

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  2. It’s true no matter where one lives, feeding the birds is a lot more complicated than you’d think!

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    1. Cindy says:

      I actually bought a book on natural Florida back yards and there is actually controversy about whether or not to feed the birds because it’s not “natural..” Again..I had NOOO idea it was this involved..😂

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      1. My worry is that if I start to feed the birds and then have to move away (which has happened far more often than I’d like), will the next inhabitants continue to feed them? I’ve decided not to continue, even though I love watching the birds that come to the feeders.

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      2. Cindy says:

        You make a great point… I was reading through the NEXTDOOR site a few days ago and this man posted a series of amazing pictures of gorgeous birds at his feeder. I felt that tug again..😩 One of the (many) respondents asked if he had trouble with squirrels..well the guy posted a lengthy reply about how the squirrels are a constant battle for him— and again I thought nope..I’m not doing it.

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      3. LOL yes, squirrels can be a bit of a nuisance – I had one saucy fellow stealing strawberries from my hanging basket a few years ago. Sat right up munching on a strawberry while I stood not 2-feet away, as brazen as can be.

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