“I am NOT doing this!” I kept telling myself..

It was 11pm, my husband wanted to get to bed and I was frantically dismantling my closet and my drawers. My wedding ring was nowhere to be found..I had been searching for hours and was beyond exhausted.

My ring wasn’t lost, in the traditional sense, it was hidden (months ago) and I simply could not remember where I put it. All I remember was feeling very satisfied that I had found a great hiding place and thinking “no one would EVER think to look here…”

Well yeah.. me included.

I called off the search and retreated to our dark living room to think. I recited a basic truth to myself in an effort to lower my blood pressure and re-anchor my soul to reality:

I can live without this ring; this isn’t life or death.

Then I made my plan:

#1- I was going to re-organize my closet.

Going through every pocket of every sweater a few hours earlier made me realize (once again) that I have way too much stuff I NEVER wear.

#2- I will NEVER hide anything again.

#3- I will not allow this search to take over my life.

I’m going to trust God that I will either bump into my ring during my organizing effort or casually, organically, remember where I put it.. which is exactly what happened as I sat quietly brushing my teeth the very next morning. I suddenly felt a strong impression pop into my mind..

it was the Steelers..

as in the football team..

the black and yellow..

Big Ben..

I spit my mouth full of toothpaste into the sink and called out to my husband..”I know where it is!”

I had taken my ring and slipped it onto the pin on the back of my Steeler button. It was hiding in plain sight on the shelf in my closet the entire time..

What a genius..


I am still going to organize my closet this week and trust me..

I am NEVER, EVER, EVERRR going to hide anything again!

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  1. LA says:

    I’ve done this with jewelry. It’s counter intuitive to not put something in its place so it crushes me

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    1. Cindy says:

      If I only remember ONE THING it has to be this–If i EVER, EVERR hear myself saying..”wow, this is a great hiding spot for this…” I need to NOT leave ANYTHING there!

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  2. bleuwater says:

    I’ve done this with several things all the time. Those safe hiding spaces are really annoying. On another note, I was in an airport when I noticed the diamond was missing from my engagement ring. I had the whole terminal searching through trash cans, on their hands and knees looking under seats. I found it in my purse.

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    1. Cindy says:

      YOU FOUND IT??? WOW- what are the chances???


  3. Nancy says:

    I’ve had the very same thing happen to me numerous times. I am really good at putting things in a safe spot, not so good at remembering that spot later! Out of curiosity, why were you hiding your ring in the first place?

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    1. Cindy says:

      It’s SO stupid…we were leaving town for a few weeks. I didn’t want to wear it on the road..but I thought it was too obvious just sitting there in my jewelry box.. like I would be making it too easy for some robber??…Crazy even if the robber didn’t think to look under my Steeler button..maybe neither would I like 6 months later as I tossed it in a Goodwill bag. Now that would be a great find there, huh? Sheesh.. 🙄

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