Simple Solutions

Does that cluttered counter-top look familiar?

Early last week my bathroom sink area officially crossed the Rubicon into the land of total chaos. For the record, that photo is NOT of my mess.. Suffice it to say, I received a box of goodies from Sephora and had nowhere to put them..literally..except maybe the bathtub- I am not even exaggerating.

I’m starting to think there’s a direct correlation between “self care” and house in “if I buy one more wrinkle cream, we’re gonna need to move to a new house with a bigger bathroom.”

I considered purchasing organizers for my cabinets, but I like having stuff at my fingertips. The truth is I don’t want to be digging under the sink looking for anything, organized or not. I considered adding shelving on the wall but for sure anything on those shelves would be out of easy reach. I mulled over a tiered fruit basket to hold all my stuff but decided they were all too small or too flimsy.

And then I saw it..

That’s right, only $35 and almost 1,000 5 star reviews. This is well made, super sturdy, ON WHEELS, and just the perfect size for all kinds of should see how people are using them!

Thanks to Target, my cart was delivered within days and my counter is now completely clear! If you are trying to corral the clutter, or simply create a cute coffee bar, give this cart a try!

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  1. LA says:

    Love organizing solutions

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    1. Cindy says:

      ME TOO! 😁

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