Oh the tangles..

Weeks ago I read a compelling article about continuing education for the sake of continuing education… learning just to keep learning.. working the brain simply to keep the brain working.

At 58 I figured I’d better make some cognitive investments so that I will hopefully still be firing on all cylinders when I’m 68.. 78.. and God willing, beyond.

To support Operation “keep it tight,” I got Rosetta Stone to brush up on languages that have been lying dormant in the recesses of my mind. The unexpected irony is that while they are coming back to me with surprising ease, my eyesight is proving to be a formidable challenge. So far, every answer I have gotten wrong is because I cannot see the pictorial options well enough to distinguish between them..pants vs. shirts, cups vs. bowls, sheets vs. towels.. I can’t tell them apart!

(And no, this is not on my phone, this is on my laptop! 😩)

I guess my brain isn’t the only thing that’s going..

Oh well, you just have to laugh..

You think you are sitting down to knit and somehow you wind up tangled in yarn.

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