The Great Park Ranger

My husband and I took a long bike ride through “old Florida” yesterday..

Miles and miles of sandy trails seemed to unfurl before our eyes leading us through ever changing landscapes like a meandering maze. Each time we came to an intersection, we just peddled wherever we felt led to go.

I never once worried about getting lost because I knew that no matter where we went, we’d be safe within the boundaries of the park.

And that’s how I feel about life..

I need not worry about life’s twist and turns because I know the great “park ranger” is always looking out for me. His desire for us is to pursue our path in freedom with confident security. It is the absence of fear that liberates us to fully embrace the beauty of our journey.. and if you look..there’s beauty everywhere.

Can you find the gator?

And yes, that’s a tree and a palm completely interwoven into each other.

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