A successful country needs believers.

(Originally posted Feb 9, 2018)

I believe that the little green papers tucked inside my wallet have value and can be exchanged for goods and services..

but if enough other people aren’t believers- we’ll have a problem.

I believe that when a cop turns on his lights, he has the right to pull me over.

I believe that when I cast my electronic vote, it’s actually counted.

I believe that our government exists to protect and serve the people.

I believe that I need to return my library books.

but if enough other people aren’t believers, we’ll have a problem.

Our country “works” because we share certain beliefs and place our trust in the constructs that hold us together.  This American framework, and a steady supply of those willing to preserve and defend it, are the orderly and reliable constants that stand between us and lawlessness.

But I ask you..can you feel our belief system starting to crumble?

Have you seen video of people disrespecting the police? What are your thoughts when agitated citizens scream and spit in their faces, challenge their authority and in some instances ambush and summarily shoot them? 


What about government officials entrusted to serve without bias, who weaponize “the system” to further their own fortunes and agendas? How does a regular citizen stand a chance against powerful, rogue bureaucrats?

And what about us.. shouting at representatives, disrupting town hall meetings, shutting down speeches, chasing away speakers, fighting amongst each other and tweeting angry threats?


I’m all for a good protest, but can we get to a point where we stoke real violence and our organized, functioning society begins to deteriorate?


In our fanatic rush to delegitimize and destroy those we disagree with, are we delegitimizing our own fundamental processes and destroying the structural integrity of our country?

It feels as if we are teeming with self appointed “guardians of the galaxy” these days.. and there’s a distinct whiff of vigilantism in the air ..can you sense it?  Are you willing to wink and nod and shrug your shoulders as long as the fringe is “on your side?”

For the sake of our families and our country..

I think we all need to step back, carefully consider the possible consequences of our collective words & actions and recalibrate..because if too many of us stop believing,

in our institutions,

in our laws,

in our countrymen,

in that which binds us together,

we’re gonna have a problem.





photocredit:Law Officer, cbsnews.com,Washington Times,Black America Web,AP News,newsbusters.org,WTVR.com,NYMag,Rebrn.com,YouTube


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LA says:

    Well said


  2. Ann Coleman says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We have tolerated violence and hatred for too long, and now we’re paying the price.

    Liked by 1 person

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