Trend vs. Taste

I never did love the look of white tile with dark grout, so when a recent article about design trends for 2021 described the look as “institutional” I was already in full agreement.

But then the article went on to basically “trash” every interior decorating idea of the last few years. You know there’s gonna be trouble when the words “sorry Joanna and Chip” appear in the first paragraph..


Hotel inspired marble bathrooms, distressed furniture , shiplap and grey of any hue are now supposedly “OUT.”

“IN” are deep jewel tones, gold accents, dusty book collections, wallpaper, grandma’s mahogany dining room table and outdoor showers..

I am NOT even kidding about the outdoor showers.. you know, like we all live in Hawaii on 5 lush, private acres- HA!

All of this “in” and “out” talk made me wonder, are there people who actually follow the comings and goings of these supposed design trends? I mean it’s one thing to buy clothes that are “IN” but quite another to commit to a royal purple sofa for the family room.

Years ago, when we lived in Miami, a neighbor showed me her brand new, bright orange, kitchen cabinets; I had NEVER seen anything like it. And while I personally would not have chosen that for my home.. I remember thinking how cool it was that she was able to so confidently express her taste. I didn’t envy her kitchen, I envied her gutsy detachment from conformity.

Another home in the area was owned by an old, retired sea captain and his Japanese wife..their kitchen, I kid you not, had faux pagoda roofing extending over the tops of their cabinets..

Again, not for me… but WOW!!

“Who cares about trends?” I thought as I finished the article. Much more fun and interesting are the individual expressions of taste in homes that reflect the personalities, values and life stories of the people who live there. So while the supposed “experts” (and me) may frown upon white tile and dark grout, who cares what anyone thinks? If a bathroom that channels the latrine at the local jail is your comfort zone, I say go for it; you do you! 😉

Who’s visiting these days anyway? 😂

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  1. LA says:

    Who decides what’s a trend and what isn’t? I get this fashion blog, Who, What Wear and every day there’s at least one post about something they’re never wearing again, and what they must have for the season. And by season, I guess they mean new slippers, cause yeah….

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    1. Cindy says:

      I didn’t realize fashion would be a thing with everyone working from home and like NO VACATION, RESTAURANTS or THEATER! My friend told me today that gigantic shoulder pads are coming back..have you seen any evidence of that in the blogs? That would be an absolutely horrendous post covid joke..

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      1. LA says:

        Nothing on giant shoulder pads…yet….I don’t want to do dynasty ever again

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