DAY SIX– ‘Life’s Little Treasures’ Hunt!!


You have five minutes to look around and take six pictures of things that bring you joy; your life’s little treasures.

Why six?

Because why not? There are six days left in this “week of Christmas” and today is a great day to take stock of the gifts we already have! (Some of which may go overlooked)

Here are my six pics:

#1- My tiny tree and the timer! Every morning during Christmas I get to shuffle into the kitchen and be welcomed by this glorious light!

#2- My orchid, I mean c’mon look at that girl!

#3 Amazon- I know, I know.. Bezos is seeking world domination, but seriously.. Prime delivery is “the bomb.” (sorry)

#4 Coffee- nuff said.

#5 The TV.. it’s sad but true, where would I be this year without Netflix?

#6 This little dog of mine..yeah that’s her sleeping on her pouf, she’s not a morning pup. If I couldn’t squeeze the daylights out of her little furry body and unload a thousand kisses onto her head every day.. what kind of ailment would that kind of emotional build up create? My dog is a love magnet pure and simple.

***And hang on now.. before you get too excited, my husband isn’t in any pics this morning because he is visiting his parents. He and our kids are always number one on any list and if they were here, I’d snap pics of them snoring in their beds (..and they’d be REALLY, REALLY ticked off.)

Quick! What are your six little treasures….?

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    1. Cindy says:

      thinking about it is one thing..taking a picture of these gifts is another..each one has a how long it took us to get over our old dog and commit to a new little one.. deciding not to put up my big tree and being totally happy with the small freaking amazing alexa coffee maker..I don’t know what I like better, the coffee or just telling alexa to turnit on from my bed..HAHA

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  1. LA says:


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