This Strange Christmas Countdown

Only seven days left until..

until what?

Every morning my phone does its jingle and I get a “Countdown to Christmas” two minute video devotional via text from our church. They have been like sweet holiday treats for me and have helped me stay focused on the “reason for the season.”

But when the pastor yesterday started with “there are only 8 days until Christmas..” I was gripped with an unexpected feeling. I have to be honest, it wasn’t joy or excitement.. it was that feeling you get when you are counting down the days to the END of your vacation.

I mean let’s face it, precious few of us are hosting a big meal, picking up family at the airport, going to midnight mass or heading over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.. so we are.. in actuality.. simply counting down the days until…until the ‘Christmas season’ is over.

Hey I get it, this was instantly depressing to me too until I realized the flip side of this situation:

If there are 8 days left until “Christmas 2020” is over..

doesn’t that mean it is Christmas right now?

as in..

this is it folks,


Now don’t get all stressy on me, this isn’t about that.. this is simply about making the most of just one more jacked up situation thanks to Covid. So if your holiday plans fell apart, kinda like your summer vacation fell apart, let’s just decide to spread the “pieces” over this coming week and redeem each day for Christmas!

So if this is DAY ONE of the seven days..

whatcha doin’ tonight?

How about a drive to look at lights that ends with a peppermint milkshake?

(Man-o-man, are they YUMMY!!)

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  1. LA says:

    Now that my daughter is done with final papers we can start having holiday fun

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    1. Cindy says:

      YAAAAY!!!! 😁

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  2. I don’t see Christmas as being over after Christmas day. For me that’s just the beginning. Growing up we celebrated Christmas well into January. It makes me sad that so many people lose their joy and sparkle on December 26th. But that does seem to be the way of the world these days. Makes me wish I had a time machine to revisit the past.

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    1. Cindy says:

      You and me both! I know quite a few people who fall off the cliff (emotionally speaking) on the 26th..and I know some are truly worried that it will be ten times worse this year due to covid.

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      1. I know it will be a hard year for many, especially those who live alone. I guess it boils down to what expectations you hold for the holidays. I refuse to allow covid to dictate how I respond though. I know I won’t be able to have that big Christmas gathering or go visiting family and friends as I have in the past. It will be quiet, but imagine the joy and celebrations once we can get together with loved ones again. I look forward to that and plan to spend a quiet, but joy filled Christmas, despite covid! (And in spite of it)

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      2. Cindy says:

        I hear your fighting spirit!!! 👍

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