The symphony of human achievement

I recently stayed at a condo across the street from a massive hospital complex. One of several multi-level parking garages was flanked by a children’s hospital, a cancer center, a “regular” hospital and multiple other buildings for other specialties.

Watching this impressive site through floor to ceiling windows on the 11th floor was way more interesting than anything Netflix could offer. It was as if I was studying a living organism: scores of cars flowing in and out at shift changes, helicopters intermittently landing on various roof tops, the flickering, far-away glow of individual TVs in various patients’ rooms. The campus felt like one body with hundreds of intricately complex individual systems all working in concert to keep the place functioning, breathing..serving.

It is completely impossible not to be impressed by what humans can accomplish together. Missions are dreamed up, structures are built, processes are designed, skills are learned, schedules are created and work is synchronized on a scale almost impossibly grand.

It is dedication, vision, collaboration, achievement and commitment on a symphonic level.

You can hear it’s just beautiful.

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