Road Trip tips during Covid

Pick your hotel carefully. (We didn’t.)

Spray your Lysol sparingly. (I didn’t.)

Try to get over the fact that your husband absolutely WILL watch TV..which means he WILL be touching the remote control. (I can’t- I just can’t.)

Take whatever steps you feel are necessary, like wrapping the pillows in towels..and of course drenching them in Lysol. Just remember, your sore throat the next morning is from the Lysol spray- You do not have covid.*

*You probably don’t.

Sneak the puppy in.. at this point she is legitimately an Emotional Support Animal.. 😩

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  1. Hubby is waiting for an appointment with a heart specialist in the city. When we go we will have to book a hotel room. It’s just too far away to make it there in back in one trip. I wish we could. Like all bigger cities, d is a bit of a hot spot for Covid right now. We have been putting off seeing the eye specialist for that reason – so much regular health care is being neglected because of it. Anyway when we do go (whenever that might be) I will be doing much the same as you. Stay well and stay safe my friend.

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    1. Cindy says:

      It was super stressful, really. You had to basically just put it out of your’s all about statistics..gotta pray you don’t run into anyone who is (or is about go get) sick..😩

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      1. Yes, no doubt it was very stressful. I know it stresses me substantially whenever we have to leave to go anywhere, even the grocery store when it’s busy. I tend to go first thing in the morning when it is quiet. 🙂

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  2. Ann Coleman says:

    Loved this post! I’ve been traveling with my own pillow cases for years (who knows if they really wash those things between guests?) and that might work better than Lysol. I’m sorry your trip was so stressful!

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    1. Cindy says:

      I was imagining someone having a long night..tossing and turning in that hotel bed, sweating out the covid cooties on his business trip..the day before we checked in–ugh. Had my own pillow in the car, but didn’t want to contaminate it..wrapped the pillows in two towels each..sprayed lysol..way too much..the fumes were was a tough night…🙄

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