Thriving Relationships..

Is there a common thread in thriving relationships and marriages?

I recently stumbled across what I consider to be a strong common denominator worthy of consideration: distilled down to one word it’s – BUILDING.

It could be a hobby or a business, constructing a house or designing a garden.

It could be sharing a passion like opera, the movies or tennis.. hiking, traveling, exercising, antiquing, cooking or wine.

Big or small, the key is that you have something you are pursuing and enjoying together with your partner. doesn’t need to be raising race horses or anything complicated, expensive or overly time consuming, it just needs to be an activity or pursuit that leads to tangible, positive, definitive, physical, mental or spiritual tandem growth and shared, memorable experiences.

It’s that simple..and in this hectic, self-centered age, that hard.

And no, this doesn’t mean people can’t have their own, personal hobbies and goals. It simply means that building and growing and sharing something unique with your partner is a key component in a healthy, growing relationship.

And oh yeah..the good news? It’s never too late to start.

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  1. LA says:

    Good point and very true

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  2. I’ve heard it said (many years ago) if you want to test your relationship wallpaper a bathroom together. And that is precisely what we did and let me tell you, it was challenging, that was in the first year of our nuptials. About ten years later we built a house. That was even more of a challenge, it’s a wonder we didn’t end up divorced. LOL

    We have been through our share of struggles and storms, but it’s true, there is something about building something together that can test a relationship, and strengthen it too. Great post, Cindy.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Oh, the hubby and I did a bathroom once..we even had wallpaper on the ceiling!! (My idea..and a bad one!!) Most of our “building” together is house related although recently we’ve been kayaking and that has been so nice..biking too..that’s when I started thinking about people I knew who did stuff fun together and guess what..they have great relationships!

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      1. Good relationships require many “buildings”. Haha

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