Remember those gas powered sports cars at Disney World? The ones on the track that made so much noise? I still can’t help getting a smile on my face every time I think about them because a few of our kids used to drive them like they were actually on 1-95..in real cars. While other Mickey eared kids were banging back and forth and spinning their steering wheels for fun, our kids drove like they were trying to pass their drivers-ed exams.. So serious!! Too funny!!

I flashed to that image this morning as I woke up still mulling over the documentary I watched on Netflix the other day entitled: “The Social Dilemma.” What has been haunting me ever since is the extent to which social media giants are manipulating entire populations on behalf of shadow entities..not just in the US, but all over the globe.

While we happily (innocently) scroll through our Facebook feeds most of us have NO IDEA  that what’s being “fed” to us is strategically, algorithmically curated to provoke action.. whether it’s shopping or voting or re-posting or becoming angry enough to do things (or type things) completely outside of our normal character. (radicalization)

I know..I know..it’s much easier to share vacation selfies and silly dance moves not knowing that we are being profiled, categorized, sold, distributed and managed by total strangers. I’d certainly prefer to think that I’m in control of my own thoughts, words, posts and actions– at least 93% of the time, right?

Which brings back another memory from the past..this one involving my dad when he was in assisted living. I remember becoming increasingly concerned about possible signs of dementia and mentioned it to one of the nurses. “95% of what he says is totally normal” I told her “but the 5% that’s not is so alarmingly “off”..so outrageously “not right” that I worry it may be indicative of a serious underlying problem.”  Unfortunately,  it was.

So much for percentages.

Sadly, when it comes to social media, the hard truth is we are as much in control of it as our kids were in control of those Disney sports cars. I’m guessing there are many who know this already..but as long as they are moving and the cars are sleek and shiny, they don’t seem to care where the track is taking them..

It is so much fun after all.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 10.03.41 AM

5 comments on “Media-topia

  1. There’s a reason I don’t have twitter and only 100 friends n facebook


    • I knew I didn’t like facebook right off the bat..but I had NO idea it was being used to use the users as much as it is. Regular media (TV etc) is bad enough these days..but social media as an extension of mass manipulation is even worse. I’m ready to move to an island..seriously.

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      • I totally knew what they were capable of. People don’t realize it because no one drives past the surface. I don’t have an iPhone either

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      • Call me a dreamer..I had NO idea..I just knew that I didn’t like the concept of facebook-even at the beginning before it turned into this weird show and tell kinda place..and then obviously much more crap started to churn on there.. reminds me of those occasional changing rooms back in the day where you’d walk in expecting private changing rooms (as in more than one in a row) and it was just one big NON PRIVATE room free-for-all… ugh..great for women with bikini bods but not fun for anyone else..

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      • It’s ridiculous

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