21 alcohol-free days..

Well, we did it.

Today marks the end of our 21 day “fast” from alcohol. Twenty one days ago our pastor challenged the church to consider a 21 day focused commitment and period of prayer for our country. My husband and I were game, but struggled to think of something we could carve out of our already pretty boring lives. We gave up on most meat a long time ago and gave up on most sugar when my husband’s recent blood test sparked concern..and then of course there’s #Covidlife..

For real, I mean what’s left to give up in 2020? 🙄

It was so funny as we sat there that evening thinking and thinking and thinking  about what we could do and I finally said “what about giving up alcohol?” We were both like “YEAH!!! GREAT IDEA!!” and then “Ohh..hmmm..I dunno..yikes..”

It’s not that we’re big drinkers, but my man sure enjoys a cold beer every so often and I definitely love a good old fashioned with a slice of orange and a big round ice I’m here to tell you, this wasn’t easy.

But I guess that’s the point, right?

It’s easy to do easy things..and it’s hard to do hard stuff. Meaningful personal sacrifice is tough, but it’s also a clarifying opportunity to re-introduce yourself to your backbone and reacquaint yourself with your core beliefs.

3 comments on “21 alcohol-free days..

  1. Good message

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  2. I felt this kind of challenge for me when reading a bloggers post about fasting something for forty days for the sake of our country. She probably doesn’t know I’m doing it. That was near the middle of August so I decided to give up my number one snack – club crackers and cheese. It hasn’t been easy but I have done it. It has made me conscious of praying those “minute” kind of prayers for America. Congratulations.

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    • Oh Oneta..I hardly deserve congratulations..I was pretty whiney about the whole it just so happens that we encountered SOOO many stressful situations during this time..there were a few days there I was ready to throw in the towel for even ONE tiny chilled glass of Chardonnay.. 😉 But we did it..and I did feel connected to so many who are praying for God to have mercy on our nation.


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