Makers and Breakers..

My mom recently took a fall.

It’s amazing how quickly what you read about in the news suddenly becomes your reality; in this case, hospitals and rehab centers with no visitation allowed.

Unfortunately, elderly loved ones are now unable to get the simple assistance they would normally receive from visitors:

“Grab my book please,

pass me a tissue,

could you close the blinds.. the sun is in my eyes.”

All of that simple help is out the window, which is now where you now stand to wave your hellos.

Dedicated staff are not only being called upon to provide this missing family support, they are also fielding phone calls from relatives all day long asking about things one would normally be able to assess for oneself during a visit..and all of this on top of their regular duties.

One thing is for damn sure- there are so many people trying SO hard to  MAKE THINGS WORK for us..and not just in healthcare settings.

All across the country, people are waking up every morning with one goal:

Let’s make this work.

Whether it’s doctors, nurses, school officials, restaurant owners, shop keepers, airline attendants, real-estate agents, plumbers, bus drivers or folks in thousands of other professions..they are trying their best to “make it work” for us and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

And while it’s sadly true that the busy nurse taking an extra moment to fluff up mom’s smushed pillows will never receive the attention that the person smashing windows is getting..take heart: 

There are ALWAYS more makers than breakers.

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 8.33.57 AM


7 comments on “Makers and Breakers..

  1. and we are lucky for that. hope you mom recovers quickly

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  2. Thinking of you

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  3. I’m so sorry about your mom, and hope she recovers quickly. And good for you for giving a shout out to the workers in care centers these days. They are going “above and beyond” and deserve our thanks!

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    • So many folks are..I think of one specific lady who works at the grocery store..she’s gotta be mid 60s- working that cash register in a mask…I see her every time I go. What a trooper..always smiling and chatty, great disposition..wow.

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