Wanna come out and play?

We just got back from three days off the ‘hamster wheel’ and I’m here to tell ya, it was INCREDIBLE. The prep for our mini-FL-KEYS-vaca required more work than usual, but I felt better being super cautious about our potential exposure to Covid which, let’s face it, can be minimized but is never really zero.. unless of course you stay home. So here’s what we did:

We stayed at a small resort with less than 20 units.

I was able to reserve a specific bungalow (with kitchenette) which was super helpful for planning. It was reassuring to see online that the previous guests had checked out on Sunday; we checked in on Tuesday. (Tuesday is probably a great check-in day across the board as so many people leave on Sunday and not many folks would stay one night only..on a Monday no less.) That allowed us to get the key early Tuesday morning. I went in and sprayed the place with lysol (Yes..Publix had LYSOL on the shelf last week- A MIRACLE!!) and we didn’t come back until dinner time. I also removed their pillows and covered the (lysol-ed) bed with a large quilt of our own. We brought all our own pillows and blankets.

We brought all of our own food…

.. water, soda, wine..paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, rice cooker etc. We used nothing from their kitchen except the sink and the fridge. My husband did purchase fish locally which he prepared in foil on the shared grill. Bringing all your own food means a lot of prep-work for sure but once again, all of those restaurant style containers I bought months ago saved the day..I’m so glad I have them!!

We called ahead to get a passenger head count on our snorkeling excursion..and didn’t pay until we arrived. I wanted the option to back out if I felt the open-air catamaran was too crowded; luckily, it wasn’t.

Florida has been on the receiving end of months of relentless, politically driven, bad press..but as someone who lives here, let me tell you what’s really been happening: people are figuring out how to make life work.

The governor has stayed true to the original goals which were to protect the elderly as much as possible, minimize hospital overcrowding as much as possible and prevent job loss as much as possible in a state that lives off tourism. Those goals have never changed and his focus has created the space needed for people to figure out how to live, work and yes, play..be it at Disney, Universal, this state’s gorgeous beaches, world famous resorts or under the water.

My husband and I snorkeled through dozens of angel fish and turtles in the blue-green, crystal clear Atlantic..we fished on open water and from the bridges..we put on our masks and went shopping for trinkets.

We sat on our private deck to watch the sun set and kayaked across the bay through mangroves and down canals picking out our dream homes. I haven’t felt this free in a long, long time..and you could tell, others hadn’t either.

Here’s my message–

This country’s natural beauty is still out there waiting to be enjoyed.. and so many of your fellow citizens are eagerly waiting to help you create a memorable and safe vacation.

After all of these wretched past few months it was nothing short of a gift to experience America again..in all her resilient glory. Even if it’s just a two day get-away, I encourage you to (safely) get out and play!

14 comments on “Wanna come out and play?

  1. Looks amazing!!!💗💗💗💗

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    • It was… awesome. On the way home, we stopped at a Key largo outfitter to enquire about buying a tandem kayak…their stock is SO low and they cannot keep up with demand. Same thing here locally where we live..people are just getting out on the water to get out! I guess I’ll give it 8 months and then shop e-bay..HAHA!!

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  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! And I’m glad to hear from a local resident that things aren’t as bad in Florida as we are hearing. Sadly, so much of what we hear these days is politically motivated, which is not good for our country at all.

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    • You are SO right.. There is this sense that some folks are rooting for failure..be it in Florida, in our schools or colleges, in sports where they are trying to play games..it’s just sick..and so incredibly sad that people truly want others to fail just so that they can have their I told you so moment?

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  3. Sounds wonderful!

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  4. littleblackdomicile

    Yes we have a beautiful state!

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