Love at Second Bite?

I have always been open to the idea that I did something wrong the first time I made these for dinner..

We bought the Beyond Meat burgers, cooked them on the grill, placed them on buns, added toppings and almost gagged at our first bites. For the life of me I could NOT figure out why everyone else in the WORLD raved about these plant based burgers; my husband and I thought they tasted terrible!

So here we are just a year later and Beyond Meat is now #1 in plant-based meat alternative sales. Available in 65 countries, Beyond Meat’s stock has risen 500% since its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 2019 and is worth about 10 billion dollars today..uh yeah, that’s BILLION with a “B.” Beyond Meat’s founder, 48 year old Ethan Brown is a very, very wealthy man.

For perspective, the entire market value for meat products in the world is $1.4 trillion annually..(that’s a T) so while clearly most of the planet still enjoys real meat, alternatives are becoming more and more popular. Older folks are gravitating towards plant-based meat for health reasons while many millennials are drawn to the idea that eating less farm raised real meat ultimately helps the environment.

Either way, this magical mixture of peas, brown rice,  apple extract, pomegranate fruit powder and ‘mung bean protein’ has enough of a following across all age groups that I figured I owed it another try. While I would not classify Beyond Meat as a health food (it does contain saturated fat) it is without question a healthier alternative to actual, from a cow, red meat.

So I made Beyond Meat meatloaf last night and here is how it measured up:

On a scale of one to ten: one being disgusting- ten being actual meat-level yumminess, my husband and I gave it an 8.5 for flavor. Hardly a fair assessment of the product as the flavor was mostly the result of the ingredients I added..but the taste was nonetheless good.

Texture was a 7. It held together like a real meatloaf, looked like a real meatloaf, browned like a real meatloaf but there seemed to be tiny morsels of rubbery gristle every so often that had to be chewed through which was bit icky and unexpected. Was this the result of the browning in the oven? I have no idea, but if it hadn’t been for those occasional little rubbery “pearls,” it would have had a PERFECT texture.

Would I try this one more time? I think so.

Would I eat it once a week? No.

Did I do something wrong again? Possibly.

Final grade? B-

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