Resilience is not a personality trait, it’s a lifelong project. – Ryan Holiday

If Covid has tested anything, it has tested our resilience.

Individually and collectively, this experience has (and continues) to challenge our ability to manage, respond and re-invent. It has forced us to confront our fears and weaknesses, re-imagine our immediate futures and decide how much we are willing to give up in exchange for our perceived safety.

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 5.49.50 AM

Covid has tested our relationships and commitments (both personal and corporate) and, like an approaching California wildfire, forced us to identify what we value most in this life and take steps to protect what we have prioritized.

As with so many disasters in life, both natural and man-made, Covid continues to present itself as a compressed opportunity for personal growth..if we seize it.

How have the last few months changed you for the better?

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