The Story of our Health

A dear neighbor came to our front door yesterday afternoon to show me a photo of a quilt she had made; she was not wearing a mask.

I politely positioned myself in the far corner of the porch as she excitedly described how she had created her incredible work of art. I saw her lips moving, eyes twinkling with pride, but all I could focus on was how many feet apart we were (measured in bricks) and which way the breeze was blowing.

I resent all this so much..this un-abating fear that our health is in jeopardy from forces we cannot control or even see.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I appreciated this compelling book by Dr. Kristi Funk as much as I did. Breasts, The Owners Manual is a matter of fact tour through the facts about breast care, cancer and what we can do to decrease our odds of falling victim to disease. She emphasizes the importance of great nutrition and debunks plenty of “fake news” swirling around the periphery of this important topic.

This book is for everyone: women, men, young, old, those who have had a breast cancer and those who haven’t. I gratefully embraced the positivity of this work and Dr. Funk’s persuasive reminder that we can indeed play a lead role in the story of our health.

There are no guarantees in life..if we didn’t know this before Covid, we sure know it now. Maybe that’s why making a commitment to better health feels so right- right now. Each and every step we take towards creating a healthy lifestyle is like a counterbalance to everything else that we have no control over. It is literally absorbing the strange energy of this moment and converting it into a tangible investment that will hopefully pay dividends for years to some.

Yup, there are still (very) important things we can personally take charge of in our lives. This book is another reminder of that truth.

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  1. Here in Canada regular health care has been blind-sided by the pandemic. Wait times for surgeries, except those of the most urgent in nature, have been delayed and then delayed again. Covid has certainly brought clarity to the idea that our health, or lack thereof, is largely in our own hands.

    I could relate to your anecdote about the visiting neighbor. It makes me very nervous when people do not keep their distance.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I am so distracted when someone doesn’t have a mask on..literally I was looking at the picture of her quilt upside down telling her how nice it was..and the center of it had the head of a stallion on it was QUITE OBVIOUS I wasn’t really paying attention..yes, she had to tell me to turn it..HAHA!! 😳

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