When following your dreams has you veer off “track..”

If you are above a certain age, John Tesh needs no introduction. That perfect hair, those sleepy eyes, that smile, that voice..remember? And then suddenly he wasn’t on Entertainment Tonight with Mary Hart anymore..he just disappeared.. or so I thought.

I just got done reading John’s recent book: Relentless. It’s his life’s story and it goes a long way in filling in the blanks not just after he left Entertainment Tonight, but way before he got there.  I don’t know if I ever really spend too much time wondering about what celebrities “did” before they were famous..do you?  I mean wasn’t Brad Pitt was born on the set of Thelma and Louise..? 😉

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And yet reading about John Tesh’s life, his struggles and his pursuit of goals that changed over time from TV to music to radio was pretty eye-opening. Sometimes I guess I unfairly just assume that good looking, famous people have awesome careers just land in their laps. How untrue and unfair that is!  John Tesh actually found himself homeless at one point and when he left Entertainment Tonight to pursue music, people thought he was crazy!  I also didn’t realize that he has had a very serious bout with cancer- the journey through it underscoring the importance of his Christian faith and his relationship with his wife.

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After I finished his book, I looked up his podcast; “Intelligence for Life” and was equally impressed with this other passion of his that he shares with his wife, Connie Sellecca, and their son Gibb: broadcasting wisdom about health, relationships, money and many other topics. One of the podcasts I listened to was a 35 minute interview with Michelle Keinan discussing how to improve our relationships during Covid.

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This was 35 minutes well spent and I recommend it to anyone who is married or has a partner. Obviously you can’t go too deep in half an hour, but I found Michelle’s advice to be thought provoking and empowering. Her upbeat style and delightful laugh also cushioned some compelling concepts about thought patterns, habits and decision making that I’m looking forward to addressing at greater length next week. I heartily recommend this podcast because let’s face it, Corona has produced new habits, some of which are detrimental to our well being and the happiness of those we share our lives with.

There are plenty more podcasts that seem equally as intriguing, and I can’t wait to listen to more of them.

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So yeah, John Tesh has been up to (and through) plenty these past years and it was nice to finally catch up with him. He’s still the real deal..a truly decent man.  I wish him only the very best and I can tell from his work and his devotion to it, he genuinely wishes the same for all of us!

Have a great week-end everyone- Wear your mask and be safe! – 💜, Cindy

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12 comments on “When following your dreams has you veer off “track..”

  1. sounds like he’s had, and continues to have a full life, interesting

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    • I always remember liking him a lot on ET, I thought he and Mary Hart were like a dream team. When he left that gig people thought he was truly nuts,($$$) but his first love was music and he wanted to pursue it.

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  2. Here’s my John Tesh secret….we are both alumna of the same high school (he’s about ten years older though so we never crossed paths…)

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  3. Every time I read about what’s happening in the U.S.A. and in other parts of the world regarding this pandemic I say a little prayer. We have been so fortunate in this city where I live with very few case (in comparison) and I know that even these have caused so much fear and concern. Life has changed. And we do not yet know what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic. Stay well my friend. Stay well.

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