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The best time or the worst?

I’m mortified and jealous at the same time; our church is opening its doors today.

I’m mortified because I think it’s dangerous for people to gather in large numbers right now..especially indoors. I’m jealous because I want to be there so badly it hurts. (No, we’re not going) I love our church: the people, the music our pastor… Every Sunday my tank gets filled with hope and I am so blessed to be part of this vibrant, caring community of loving people.

In a world that seems untethered to anything of enduring value, going to church firmly resets my anchor and keeps me from drifting into darkness when storms hit.

And boy, what a storm this is.

A quick review of the week is proof that this is a moment of extreme drift.  It seems as if we are in a state of almost euphoric self destruction propelled by ever more shocking levels unrestrained anger, violence and self righteousness.  If we EVER needed to fall into the loving embrace of a faith community – it is now!

And yet..






17 comments on “The best time or the worst?

  1. The mayor of a city I know well said that the violence is directly related to corona because people have nothing to do indoors so they go outdoors and just act….that’s not the exact quote, but you get the gist….

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  2. Terrifying

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  3. I have been taking a much needed break from reading news stories. We all desperately need stories of hope; of goodwill; of kindness and compassion. And there are stories like these, but, unfortunately it is the bad news that makes headlines. Having said that….how bad would the world be if it was good news that made headlines? As long as the bad stuff garners attention we know: this is something outside the norm. It is bad right now, yes. Yet there is still so much goodness in humanity, despite evidence that screams otherwise. Sending hugs and positive vibes, Cindy. May you be blessed with peace and comfort in these very troubling times.


    • Thanks Carol. All that bad news is what makes the church opening back up so critical right now and yet..and yet..(!!) I am so torn up about the danger of being around others! What a horrible catch 22!!!

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  4. desirayl

    My church open it’s doors a month ago. And during that time before the church doors open we always had streaming live. Which I never thought I would need because I was in church.

    My Pastor expressed if anyone is not yet comfortable with coming in the building as of yet he totally understands how we feel. Until I feel comfortable I will continue with the streaming live services.

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    • I love the streaming..thank God for it! But oh, how I miss being😩..and yet we (my husband and I) are not at all ready. We are in Florida and our “numbers” are not great..Our church is HUUGE so we’re talking lots of people..I feel awful, but I am very worried about so many people gathering. I’m sure they will be as careful as possible, but it’s still A LOT of people.😬


      • desirayl

        Exactly, we have a huge church with two services as well. Hopefully one day we will all gather together again. But until then I am thankful for streaming live. God bless you. Be safe.

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      • You too.. we’ll get through this. 💜


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