#2 on the bucket list!

My husband and I have been working on our post-c- bucket list.. (‘post c’ meaning post corona.)

This is the list of things we’re dreaming about doing once all of this c-crap is in the rearview mirror. Our first entry in the book was an evening out to see David Foster on tour.  We bought tickets for February. (Is that being too pessimistic or too hopeful -who knows?)

The second, third and fourth items are all related to eating..HA!

I don’t know about you, but lately I find myself fantasizing about being at a gorgeous restaurant enjoying a romantic, completely un-rushed, delicious meal with my husband..emphasis on UN-RUSHED!

These days everything I do is laced with a sense of urgency to get in and get out as fast as humanly possible. Grocery shopping, Home Depot, the hairdresser, the doctor..it’s all gotta be pre-thought, pre-planned and executed with military precision lest it take five more minutes than it has to..it’s exhausting!

So anyway- back to the fantastic, super long, lazy evening out I’m imagining in my mind..

The first place I want to go to is Latitudes in Key West. Yes, we will have to stay overnight but lucky for me, they have cottages on this little gem of an island.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 7.07.49 AM

I have several dresses that I can choose from..sleeveless, long, flowy, casual ones that will catch the ocean breeze and feel dramatic.

Yup-this one will be perfect!

I’ll wear my hair long and definitely put on extra eyeliner.. did I say extra? I want full-on cat eyes because why the heck not..??  MEOWZA!Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 7.16.17 AM

I’ll need to make reservations for sunset of course..everything in Key West is about being someplace great at sunset. I will order myself a gorgeous cocktail in a delicate, long stemmed glass. By then my fake nails will be back in place.. all ten of those beauties.. extra long.. soft pink, light purple, french tips?

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 7.14.16 AM

I’ll have to put going to the nail salon on my post-c bucket list.. Getting my nails done used to be such a pain- NOW? I cannot wait! 👍

I’m not sure what I will order for dinner when we finally do go, I just know I will take my sweet time deciding. Maybe I’ll veer off the vegetarian path and have a filet or some dreamy, creamy pasta dish.  Clearly an amazing bottle of wine will accompany whatever deliciousness we choose. I’d say champagne, but I’ve never liked the stuff..I like the idea of it- all chilly and dripping next to the table, but more than a sip after a toast..meh.


Dessert will be shared…spoons clanking into each other as we hover over it.  He will let me steal the strawberry on top if there is one, and we will watch the sunset from our candle lit table.

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 7.06.04 AM


Have you dreamt about your favorite restaurant lately?




2 comments on “#2 on the bucket list!

  1. You made it sound so much nicer than any restaurant dream ive had….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, let me tell you, I dream about EVERY aspect of this..maybe it’s because we don’t go out that often-even in normal times-compared to “normal” people..so when we do go..I “eat the whole experience up”- I just want to not be rushed..I think that’s what I’m after..that feeling of total relaxation and enjoyment and COMFORT..like not being paranoid about how close the people next to us are sitting… I just can’t wait!


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