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Conversation Starters

One of our daughters was able to get-away this July 4th week-end..Nothing crazy, just a short trip up the road to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.  She sent us video of the view from her hotel room as fireworks lit up the sky last was gorgeous!

I wondered this morning if her video was taken before (or after) a group of punks roped up, pulled down and dragged a marble statue of Christopher Columbus from Baltimore’s Little Italy down to the Inner Harbor and tossed it into the water.

From this morning’s Baltimore Sun:

“Lester Davis, a spokesman for Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young, called the destruction of the Columbus statue part of a “re-examination taking place nationally and globally around some of these monuments and statues that may represent different things to different people.”

Hey Mr. Davis, just a quick question..

Would slapping your wife across her face be considered a legitimate way to start a “re-examination” of the family budget? Is slashing your son’s tires an effective way to share your frustration over a broken curfew? If your puppy poops on your new living room rug, is roping him up and dragging him out the door to spend the afternoon in the hot sun a good way to let him know you are REALLY, REALLY upset?

Let’s not do this anymore, OK?

We aren’t doing these “kids” any favors by excusing, elevating or “reframing” what is CLEARLY nothing more erudite than a coordinated orgy of destruction and violence. We don’t want to cripple them any further when it comes to their (already legendary) inability to communicate, do we? Are we truly ready to accept that their toolbox of debating skills contains spray paint, ropes and matches?  Do you want one of these self proclaimed masked crusaders dating or marrying one of YOUR kids?

C’mon now..let’s aim a smidge higher, shall we?

How about this instead:

Let’s “re-examine” what we consider appropriate “conversation starters” about important topics (or any topic really) and hold everyone accountable for maintaining that absolute minimum standard of decency.

Surely, we can raise the bar that much!



2 comments on “Conversation Starters

  1. I understand that some statues represent something hurtful or downright racist for many people, Still, there is a way to address issues without resorting to violence. Great post, Cindy.

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    • Totally agree..but respectful debate is in order..I lived in the South for years and trust me, southerners are open minded about all of this and care about people’s feelings esp regarding the confederate statues. The Columbus statue in Baltimore was a gift from a town in Italy..I mean dragging it through the streets, beheading it and rolling it into the water is just nothing more than a grotesque display of group hysteria. These are violent PUNKS invested in nothing but chaos. I am disgusted that the mayor’s office put out such a meek statement..this isn’t hard to understand-it’s right there to look at on TV.. these are the same window smashers from years ago.. We can’t elevate their cause when their cause is nothing but violence..and mayors and governors keep granting them standing and legitimacy.. What a mistake!! OH WELL!!! As they say..”play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

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