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Does truth matter?

After reading the headlines this morning I realized we are living in a post-truth era. It’s not that truth no longer exists, it’s that truth is no longer demanded, valued or even considered relevant.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 7.56.32 AM

One gets the sense that truth has become an obstacle to overcome, an  “inconvenience,” a speed bump on the road to achieving your goal or getting what you feel you deserve.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 7.53.13 AM

The other day I got into a heated discussion with a friend about the transmission of Covid-19. At one point the person angrily said “if it was up to people like you, we’d all be forced to stay home!” **

**I interrupt this story to share a confession: sometimes I want to explode..I really do. I get tired and aggravated and I literally want to let out a big, guttural yell, the kind that would echo through the mountains.  I want to wave my arms in the air, make silly faces, stomp barefoot on a cupcake and then see how far I can spit just for fun..alone of course..not within 6 feet of anyone.. (just wanna make that clear.)

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 7.53.48 AM


I took a deep breath and tried to make my point..again. I reassured the person that I was just stating a fact about how the disease is transmitted. I wasn’t saying ONE THING about masks or quarantine or anything like it. I was presenting a FACT..the TRUTH..and what that person decides to do – or not do – because of – OR IN SPITE OF- that truth is NONE OF MY DARN BUSINESS.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 6.37.36 AM

 I hear a lot these days about “being on the right side of history”– super interesting concept and all, but you know what matters much more to me on a regular, daily basis? Being on the right side when choosing between a lie and the truth.

It’s really THAT simple..

and thanks to the moment we find ourselves in..

it’s really THAT hard.



7 comments on “Does truth matter?

  1. Oh my, this resonates with me on a deep level. How can we reach consensus when the truth itself is under attack, and by some of the most powerful people on the world stage.

    And then I take a deep breath and remember, “God’s in the heavens” and is in control, even when it doesn’t look like it.

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    • Yes..ultimately, at every turn and in all things, God is in control..but each one of us is also accountable at some level. We just seem to be in a place where we create our own truths to match our preferred stand be it political, medical, relational or otherwise.. masks are a great example.. if you hate wearing one-just own it..don’t give people this long song and dance about conspiracies and “research” and a bunch of other non-truths..just own your choice (and its consequences)

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