Pet sitting America

It happened in an instant.

I opened the door to pick up some packages on our front porch and just like that, our puppy zipped right past me and out onto the sidewalk. She was only a few months old at the time and we were still living in Charlotte, NC. It was rush hour and the street in front of our townhome was busy as usual with impatient commuters taking shortcuts through our neighborhood.

I ran out after Daisy desperately calling her name and urgently commanding her to “COME!” She was absolutely having none of it. I’d get close to her and she’d bound off..having the time of her life playing keep-away. One of our neighbors (not the most friendly soul) stood off in the distance watching me frantically chase our puppy up and down the sidewalk.. she offered no help. At one point I tripped and fell in the grass. I was gripped with fear and starting to cry as I knew our little Havanese was just one wrong move away from running through the cars parked along our street and getting hit by some unsuspecting driver.

I called her,

I pleaded with her,

I pretended I had treats..

nothing was working until a man out for a jog came up upon the scene. I cried out to him and begged him to call my dog..he did and she happily (inexplicably!) ran towards him- He scooped her up and disaster was miraculously averted.


As I lay in bed pondering the distressing headlines this morning, this two year old memory floated back into my brain. It struck me that as a people, many of us are behaving like my puppy was that awful afternoon..  uncooperative, oppositionally defiant and willfully oblivious to extreme danger. And what about those, who like my neighbor, seem so eerily drawn and disturbingly energized by the spectacle and excitement(?) of impending doom and disaster?

What the heck is THEIR problem?

I thought about how tough it must be to be in a leadership role of ANY kind these days.. It ‘s probably like trying to lead a pack of scattered, distracted, fighting puppies through a house fire to safety outside.

Seriously, who would want that job?

Who would want to wake up every morning, open the front door and face another day racing around trying to keep us from inflicting great bodily harm upon ourselves, our neighbors and our communities?

God bless ’em all..

I really mean that.














14 comments on “Pet sitting America

  1. I know. I said that from the beginning. How do you lead those who refuse to be lead and don’t respect authority?

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    • Across the board, I think we’re getting a preview of what that looks like.

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      • Problem is, people are so “locked in” they can’t see it’s the same behavior pattern causing the issues. Sort of like my word for 2020….hypocrisy…..

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      • It’s all depressing as heck…😕

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      • I know. And you can’t have an actual discussion about it, because there’s only “one right side”

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      • We are living on the edge of reason..and if we think it can’t get worse, imagine what will go down when the corona shot comes out. Pretty sure everyone isn’t just going to “obediently” line up for it.. no matter how many “we’re in this together” ads come out.. (Is it 5 o’clock yet? NO?? What about the whole New Years thing..are we still on for that? Did I miss the party?) 😂

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      • I was thinking logistics of administering the shot last night. How is that going to work….

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      • I’m guessing healthcare workers first? Probably will be required like the flu shot.

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      • Healthcare, nursing homes, first responders, elderly, kids

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      • the real issue will be if people need to pay- and if you have to get it at a doc’s office or health dept. Remember H1N1? There were limited shots available and they were free so the demand was through the roof. Pregnant women and those with asthma were supposed to “go first” .. I dragged my daughter (an asthmatic) to an “immunization clinic” at a fire dept and the local health dept..only to face lines of hundreds and hundreds of people wrapped around buildings. Entire families were in line(clearly not all could have had pre-existing conditions or were pregnant 🙄)but authorities were not allowed to ask any questions about anything..health, citizenship, nothing. So it was a nerve racking game of jump ball and my daughter was not able to get the shot until weeks after the threat started to subside.

        It will be interesting for sure..

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  2. This is such a great analogy for life these days. Now more than ever our leaders need our prayers. (and a few a slap up the side of their obstinate heads LOL) I am so glad that man rescued your puppy. God bless and keep you safe and healthy.

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  3. The only thing to be said is that puppies get smarter and better, not so for many humans. Happy your dog was safe, I have had the same experience with my dog when she was young as she slipped out of her collar. She also finally came back for a treat.

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