The Importance of feeling connected

I love this girl..or maybe it’s a guy.

Doesn’t really matter because every day, either a few minutes before 6am or a few minutes after, this cardinal starts singing from the tree in our back yard. It’s the same tune.. every day ..almost like a call..

..a wake-up call.

I have come to cherish the connection I feel to this little bird.. just one of the many strong connections I feel these days, especially to nature and its infinitely creative “Designer.” I have a heightened sense of appreciation for vegetables growing and flowers blooming.. pink sunsets, blue water, the sound of kids playing. I think this is a pandemic “side-effect” rooted in a deep sense of gratitude..

gratitude for just being alive..

for beauty

and meaning..

consistency..simplicity..authenticity..reliability..honesty..and connection.

Humans need to feel a vital connection, a sense of being part of something much bigger than themselves..something that breathes positivity, creativity, possibility and hope into our own life life and into the lives of others.

Our mind is a garden with limited space for planting what we choose to grow.

Choose wisely, choose carefully.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 6.49.26 AM




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