The Importance of feeling connected

I love this girl..or maybe it’s a guy.

Doesn’t really matter because every day, either a few minutes before 6am or a few minutes after, this cardinal starts singing from the tree in our back yard. It’s the same tune.. every day ..almost like a call..

..a wake-up call.

I have come to cherish the connection I feel to this little bird.. just one of the many strong connections I feel these days, especially to nature and its infinitely creative “Designer.” I have a heightened sense of appreciation for vegetables growing and flowers blooming.. pink sunsets, blue water, the sound of kids playing. I think this is a pandemic “side-effect” rooted in a deep sense of gratitude..

gratitude for just being alive..

for beauty

and meaning..

consistency..simplicity..authenticity..reliability..honesty..and connection.

Humans need to feel a vital connection, a sense of being part of something much bigger than themselves..something that breathes positivity, creativity, possibility and hope into our own life and into the lives of others.

Our mind is a garden with limited space for planting what we choose to grow.

Choose wisely, choose carefully.

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 6.49.26 AM




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