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How to Live Victoriously

I read a story last night that touched my heart.

A woman who owns a boutique in Philadelphia rushed to her little shop yesterday to see if it had been spared from the riots and looting the night before; it had not. Her window was shattered, her merchandise was stolen, even the bottle of hand sanitizer she had set up for her reopening this week had been taken.

As she slowly moved through the nightmare zone that was once the realization of her dream, she saw a small candle sitting on a table on top of a piece of paper..someone had written her a note.

The note said:

“I’m all for demonstrating so we can make it right, but I’m not a looter and it bothers me that I got swept in.”

Which reminded me of this quote:

“The greatest victory is not winning against people, but winning against self.”


Let’s never be afraid of the very difficult work of honest, self-examination.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 9.26.31 AM



3 comments on “How to Live Victoriously

  1. Self reflection can make us squirm. It’s uncomfortable, much of the time, because we are such imperfect beings. This is a wonderful reminder to go within.

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