This is Us

Keep your “watch” on.

There was a haunting scene in a movie I once saw: An old man was laying in his bed in a nursing home completely paralyzed from a stroke. Unable to speak or move, he watched in frozen silence as an orderly came in.. said hello, straightened his sheets and then brazenly stole his watch from a drawer in the nightstand right next to his bed.

I don’t know what left a more profound mark on me..the helpless look in the old man’s eyes or the complete lack of any emotion in the eyes of the man who saw nothing but selfish opportunity in a time of desperate weakness.

It made me think of our situation today.

Sadly, there are plenty of people exploiting this moment for their own gain be it political, ratings, “likes” or money. Motives are cleverly hidden under masks, agendas obscured by assistance.

These are consequential times my friend..

Keep your “watch” on.













3 comments on “Keep your “watch” on.

  1. Oh this is such a smart post….thank you

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  2. Sad that this is so true.

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