We’re getting there.. (Stay hopeful)

I read an encouraging piece in french media this morning that reported no fewer than ten drugs have shown themselves to be effective at some level in blunting the ravages Covid-19. No cures, and most still lack approvals of some kind, but we’re getting there.

Countries all over the world are entering varying phases of opening up. You can sense both the yearning to get back into life….and the trepidation. It’s far from normal, but we’re getting there.

Locals where we live have begun posting about their experiences (on NextDoor) as they venture out into the community. Some establishments are acing the test, others need to tighten their protocols. It’s only been a few days so it ain’t perfect yet, but we’re getting there.

When it comes to Covid, there is no high speed elevator that will seamlessly shoot us past every re-opening level to the penthouse of life as we used to live it.  Nope, the journey back to normal is more like a trip across a minefield.. and while there is absolutely no doubt we can make it to the other side, we need to be patient, deliberate and smart about each step we take.

It may be slow, and there may be a few set-backs, but we’ll get there.


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