Croutons No More.

I use garbanzo beans on our salads instead of croutons..they are ADDICTIVE, delicious, easy to prepare..AND healthy! ** Added bonus, great source of protein for those having difficulty getting meat these days!














ROAST (425, about 25 mins?)



IMG_0247 2

8 comments on “Croutons No More.

  1. Omg I am going to do this!

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    • I don’t routinely add olive oil, but when roasted with a splash they taste even better. Use tons of spice- esp garlic.. so yummy.

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  2. Excellent idea. I love garbanzo beans.
    The salad looks tasty.🤗

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  3. I have never eaten garbanzo beans, perhaps I will try these (if I can find them in the grocery store here).

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    • Oh Carol, i think you will LOVE them! They are (usually) cheap, esp at Aldis and they are not mushy like other beans. Super healthy and when roasted with salt and spices (lots of garlic 😛) they are so tasty! I could eat them by the handful, like peanuts, but mostly toss on top of salads.

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