Wasted Days

One of our neighbors peddled by on her bike yesterday as I was outside waiting for my dog to do her business. She stopped to chat and before long, all I could think about was pulling her perky little ponytail. (Don’t worry, at about 15 feet apart- I couldn’t have reached.)

She was WAY too happy for today’s crappy circumstances; cooking great meals for her hubby, gardening, getting projects done, reading “good books,” working out to YOUTUBE Zumba..

My dog assumed the position and deposited a steaming pile. I opened a poop-bag, bent down and scooped it up.

That was MY exercise for the day.


What made matters worse is that my husband, who was also outside, (still hand painting our entire house) was relating to everything this woman said..I mean let’s face it, he’s living his best quarantined life too; biking, jogging, reading, watching ‘World War Z’ fifty times, obviously painting anything that stands still long enough for him to grab a brush..

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m in bed all day- I’m not.  I’m “doing” things.. I just don’t feel like I’m “accomplishing” anything.

There’s a difference.

The bitter irony in all of this is that I spent the better part of the last two (three?) pre-Covid years clearing out closets and repainting the ENTIRE inside of our home. Last year we had the whole house tiled in faux wood and a new kitchen installed..so other than getting my dry/cracked heels “beach ready,” there aren’t too many quarantine projects left to do.

Heaven help me, but it looks like all roads really do lead to “good books” and online Zumba.


And PS- I really do like my neighbor. I’d never pull her hair. 😉







10 comments on “Wasted Days

  1. We each get through it in our own way, no comparisons, just do what work for you and that is fine

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    • I know..it’s just I wish I was more of a natural “opportunist”..like “wow- this is a great opportunity to learn a new language/build a fort out of marshmallows/read war and peace”..that kind of thing- you know what I mean? I just DO NOT naturally have that in my personality.. and I wish I did.

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  2. Say it isn’t so…..

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    • Oh don’t even start with me..😉..I know you are reading stacks of those “good books”..probably working out too- making gourmet meals for your husband..it’s OK..I mean it makes me want to pull your pony tail, but it’s REALLY OK! I just need to get some wool and start knitting booties or something..after I learn how to knit..on youtube.

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  3. Sometimes perkiness gets on my nerves too. LOL

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  4. She’s a sweet person, she really is. I was just in “a mood.” 🙄


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