More numbers..

We’ve seen this before – after hurricanes.

There is the original count of people who perished during the event because let’s say a tree fell through their roof and onto their head.  That death is directly attributable to the storm.

Then (after the storm) the numbers start to include indirect causes..like the heart attack suffered as a result of dragging a fallen tree to the curb for trash pick-up.

New York’s Corona numbers exploded the other day- adding an additional almost 4,000 deaths to Covid totals.  Officials said most were presumed to be COVID related.. both directly and indirectly.

Data has never been more crucial as we move forward and make decisions.

The break-down and context behind the raw numbers is absolutely critical as well.






12 comments on “More numbers..

  1. This is the perfect time to commit murder because autopsies are going to be hit or miss. And I’m guessing aid packages will be distributed along number lines. Conversely, I think some of the northern governors want people to leave their states to reduce their numbers. No matter what it is, it comes down to politics

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    • Once politics infects data, we are really in trouble.. Seems we are really in trouble.

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      • My daughter is not a science girl but her college has a science requirement, so she taking science and the news.on a paper she turned in recently she got extra points because she took statistics and used them to illustrate her point,and without manipulating anything she changed how the stat is viewed. Her info was factually correct,but the way she presented it could be construed in a different way….people don’t realize that statistics are good, but most often misleading

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      • I was trying to explain that to my mom this morning as she saw a worrying graph. One cannot help but get the feeling that data is being carefully managed.. that is so scary fo us all.

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      • It’s always managed. I was an analyst. I don’t read articles with stats. I go to the source of the stats and I figure out the reality

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      • OH BOY– I’m guessing then that this period of time has driven you to more than a few glasses of wine..

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  2. The manipulation of statistics causes so much harm. Politicians do it, businesses do it, even non-profits do it. I do not trust statistics or so-called scientific studies, because these too are open to interpretation and to the manipulation of facts (or so-called facts).

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