Today’s important decisions:

#1- Do I bake chocolate chip cookies or just keep eating fist-fulls of chocolate chips right out of the bag. Here’s the deal, I will overindulge no matter which I choose, so maybe a better option is to toss them into the trash and spray with lysol so I don’t go after them later.. (No, can’t waste the lysol..I’ll dump coffee grinds on them.)


#2- Do I make biscuits or pudding with the milk that’s about to expire.  I’m pretty sure the pudding mix is long expired too so there’s that consideration..AND I don’t like pudding.. which may not be a bad thing. (See overindulging issue above.)


#3- Do I start adding water to the half n half.  Will he notice? I’m betting no. Can’t add the milk to the half n half. (see #2.)


#4- Do I wear a mask (or scarf) when we go for our walk/bike ride. No one around here is, people give each other plenty of space and it’s Florida..so it’s hot..but yeah, I saw that scary, animated video online of the blast zone created by a cough so..


#5- Do I finally dust my bedroom lamps. Every night I make a mental note to do it, but my motivation has a half-life of about five minutes these days. I’m good for about one project, then it’s nap time.

(And yes, not gonna lie, some days..dusting lamps feels like a project.)





6 comments on “Today’s important decisions:

  1. so funny, and i so get this. one day, i charged up my vacuum cleaner, which had not been done in many months.

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  2. I have that same talk with myself about dusting the lamps. Stay well!

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