Control the roll..

My husband and I are taking two, very long walks with our dog every day. We changed our route so we don’t have to touch our community’s gates anymore and we are exclusively walking in the street so as to avoid passing people too closely.

Extreme? Who knows anymore.. but I’d rather er on the side of caution especially now that we have our first official case in town.

Our walks are mentally cleansing, we are able to greet our neighbors from a distance and my husband and I discuss what’s on our minds.

Yesterday’s topic of concern was toilet in who is using more, him or me.

I am not even kidding.

We discussed frequency of use and techniques. He thinks I’m using more than him because of the obvious: I’m a woman.. but when I’m in the bathroom you will never hear the sound of a spinning know that sound, right? It’s like a whirr.. You will also never see me grasp that end piece and swing my arm way to one side as if I’m  preparing to hit a tennis ball.

These are just the facts.

As we rounded the last corner on the home stretch, my hubby came up with an experiment to determine once and for all who the mystery “heavy user” is. We will each get our own roll and see whose lasts longer.

I know… this is an imperfect test and cheating will happen, but the shenanigans will happen on both sides so they should cancel each other out.

If nothing else, I’m guessing we will both cut way back in our attempts to prove that the other is the heavy that’s a win-win no matter who wins, right?

Strange times indeed…

Keep tryin’ to find reasons to smile..and again, please don’t become a burden to our hospitals or a danger to others- stay home, stay sane and stay at least 10 feet away.



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  1. LA says:

    Hang in there! My target had toilet paper yesterday

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    1. Cindy says:

      WOW!!! You must have been shocked! Did they have limits on how many people could buy? I hope so..

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      1. LA says:

        Yes there are limits…one package is allowed so I got a six pack, one container of wipes and a 4 pack of paper towels. It was like christmas

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      2. Cindy says:

        I bet!! My son in law went to Costco the other day (Clearwater) and he said it was pretty tense..letting people inside in small groups..long lines at check out, very low inventory.. I guess it all depends on the day and the hour..I’m hoping I don’t need to go back for a while..not interested in heading out anywhere except for walks in the neighborhood.

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      3. LA says:

        The stores here are getting supplies in daily. I just go every day and pick up a bagful of what could be useful

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  2. Oh my goodness, what a fit of giggles I just had! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We also were informed of our first case today as well – so much for the comfort of living in an isolated northern community! Well we knew it had to happen. So now we deal, much as we have been dealing. The big issue, as I see it, is that some people do not exhibit ANY symptoms at all – that’s the scary part. The case that was published in the local paper was a person who works at a dental clinic. She did everything right. As soon as she started feeling unwell she took the test, informed her boss and coworkers and self isolated. The test result came back positive. However, there is at least one other person who is waiting for test results. Argh! It will be what it will be. I hope you and your hubby stay safe and that you win the great toilet paper contest. Please keep us posted. Too funny!

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  3. JAS says:

    Those memes are great! I could see us having this same conversation. We haven’t yet, but I could see it happening. However, I have IBS, so I know I use more than he does. Which works in my favor because I can have more at my disposal if he’s not using it. Win/Win.
    I try to use 3 squares for wet and 4 squares for the other. TMI? lol
    Thanks for bringing some sanity to my day. 🙂

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    1. Cindy says:

      My husband’s conclusion to the whole TP debate was this: not only do I use more because I’m a woman.. he “banks” at least 2 squares every time he goes and doesn’t use any.. Let that sink in a minute..🤔


      1. JAS says:

        ha ha ha ha ha ha
        He reasons like me. If I buy something on sale, I’ve “saved” money. Hubby says you didn’t save if you spent anything at all. Or if we go to church for more than an hour on Sundays, we get comp time. Also, if I am following someone who is going under the speed limit, I should then be able to go that many miles over the speed limit after they get out of my way. 😉

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      2. Cindy says:

        TOO funny! So he’s not the only one.. 😂


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