Remember Lamaze breathing…that chanting pant designed to take the edge (or at least your mind) off labor pains?

Yeah, it was a crock.. but my Lamaze classes enabled me to waddle into that hospital with a strong sense of confidence that morning back in 1985. I had my bag all packed, my breathing technique down and I was bolstered by the idea that I had a pretty high tolerance for pain. (🙄)

My doctor walked into the room to greet me right after I got into my gown. There he was, all tall, blonde and Brad Pitt-ish in his Navy uniform asking me how I was doing.. I smelted (a cross between smiling and melting) and said I was pretty sure I was half way to “this thing” being over.

He gave me this knowing look and said..”I think we’ve still got a ways to go here Cindy..”

Oh Lawdy…was he ever right.. I hadn’t even crossed the starting line.

One look at the pictures from Spring Break last week-end and you just know there are way too many overconfident people pretty sure we are half way to “this Corona thing” being over.

Hate to tell you this, but we haven’t even crossed the starting line..


We can still do our part to suppress the fall-out for ourselves and others.

1.-Stay at home.

2.-If you MUST go out..remember 6 feet away from everyone and use that hand sanitizer!

3.- Talk to everyone you know about 1 and 2…on facebook, instagram, twitter..whatever.


And yes, in those quiet moments when anxiety tends to rev up, remember..









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  1. beth says:

    great advice, and reminder of that chant )

    Liked by 1 person

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