Strained relationships in the shadow of Corona.

I was reassured to read today that my husband and I aren’t the only ones having disagreements over the appropriate response to Corona. Everything from how much peanut butter to buy to whether or not to cancel vacation is now up for vigorous debate.

In many relationships there is one person who is more conservative and cautious; in our marriage, that clearly would be me.  My husband on the other hand is much more laid back so needless to say, we’ve had our share of heated exchanges.

Which brings me to the husband and wife team who flew from JFK to Palm Beach this week..AFTER he received a text confirming that his Corona virus test came up positive.



so many questions, starting with:

Is this guy going to do some jail time?

But also, I wondered about possible conversations (arguments?) this duo may have had prior to heading to the airport..

Did the wife say “Wow honey, maybe we should wait until your CORONA (!!) results are back before we call a cab? I’d feel just awful if you infected anyone else, wouldn’t you too doll face?”

Did she whisper “Gosh sweetie cakes, shouldn’t we assume since you feel like crap and have a fever that you’ve actually got Corona? I’m really uncomfortable about this.. maybe we could just sit tight and not go anywhere?”

Or how about “Hey you dumb, little Smurf, if I end up in the slammer over this as an accessory to your selfish, entitled, bone-headed decision to fly, you’d better hope we don’t have the same cell?”

My husband and I wrangled back and forth for five days over whether we should sell our tickets to Miss Saigon last week. I didn’t want to sit in a crowded theater- he thought I was being paranoid. Five days of flare-ups over tickets..

not plane tickets..

tickets to a silly play! (He eventually sold them)

Was there ANY back and forth,



a fight(?) with this pair from New York before they hopped on Jet Blue exposing all the other passengers?

Or are they one of those rare couples who are totally in sync over their Corona response…

or in this case, complete lack of it??

*** UPDATE- Jet Blue has banned this man from flying with them for life..BIG DEAL. At a minimum I think he should be amount large enough to scare any other selfish dingbat from doing the same thing. I’m thinking $20,000…what do you think?

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  1. I think in times of high anxiety such as these it’s fairly common to have heated discussions and disagreements. I hope you find a happy midway point. As for the couple that flew from JFK to Palm Beach, that is really disturbing on so many levels. Seriously, how can people be so selfish?

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    1. Cindy says:

      I’m not about identifying these people to the public for shaming..BUT..there MUST be a strong response from the authorities or this will keep happening. I’d start with a $20,000 fine..or $50,000.. that would make others think a bit before doing something so stupid and dangerous!!!! ARGH! And again..this is a married couple…what the heck… did they argue about this or did they BOTH not care?

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      1. I guess we will never know. I agree completely – endangering the lives of others should be met with stiff fines. People have to be held accountable any time they willingly and knowingly endanger others.

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  2. kimwilbanks says:

    I was struggling with travel plans to New York City next week (tickets to Hamilton and Wicked) but thankfully the decision was made for me when Broadway shut down. I really wanted to go, mostly because it was a trip with my girl and those are few and far between (I know you can relate to that). We are going to regroup and reschedule, hopefully in the fall.

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    1. Cindy says:

      The theater we attend down here cancelled events through the month..They have no idea how many arguments they helped their patrons avoid. When these decisions come down “from above”, they help people like me who are struggling in that nether world between over and under reaction. These are sacrifices to be sure, but as I told my husband, it’s not like we woke up to war in the streets..we need to keep it in perspective and do what’s best for everyone not just ourselves. PS- I have postponed a few regular doctor’s visits as well..just don’t feel like hanging out in a waiting room right now.

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      1. kimwilbanks says:

        I’m like you, trying to balance overreaction and under reaction. There’s a little bit of a similarity to when we have a hurricane. I’m kind of waiting to see about the doctor thing. I’m supposed to have surgery in a couple of weeks. Wondering what may happen with that.

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      2. Cindy says:

        well this will get worse before it gets better..

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      3. kimwilbanks says:

        Yes, that what I’m afraid of. Just trying to stay grounded.

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  3. You’re definitely not alone in feeling the pinch here. My mother and I are living together in isolation and have reached cracking point with one another. I know this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for these extreme conditions… but it’s difficult nonetheless.
    I hope you and your hubby have found a way to manage!

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thanks!!! and we have..🍷🍼 😂


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